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Norman Kloszewski - Protective Coatings Professional.

26 plus years experience, education and training in the protective coatings industry

predominantly powder coatings.

About Norman Kloszewski

My background

I started working in the job shop

as a teenager that time I was prepping parts and hanging parts as well as packaging by the age of 16 I was

applying fluidized dip powders - powder coatings “using automated powder guns with manual touch up “and liquid coating to parts using an automated conveyor line with a powder reclaim booth and using the batch oven with a manual powder gun with a spray to waste system.

 At the age of 17, I enlisted in the United States Army where I served as an

infantry soldier on the 82-airborne division I served 8 years active and 4 years’ reserve and was discharged

with an honorable discharge and the rank of E-5. While in the Military my family had sold their metal finishing

business so when I was discharged I sought employment with other metal finishing companies since that time

I have worked in the metal finishing field though I have had secondary part-time employment in other fields as

well as owning and operating my own automotive detail business  12 years.

Company name: Detail by Norm

Complete automotive detailing service.

My experience

I have 27 plus years experience in the metal finishing protective coatings industry.

I am the certified sales representative and distributor for Hsinda Powder Coatings.

See my Hsinda page here.

My strengths


Technical Support

Technical Instruction 


Business 2 Business Sales

Outside sales

Cold calling

Powder Coatings

Industrial Protective Coatings

Training of employees

Human Resources

Customer relations/ service

Accounts management

Safety training

Employee management

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Resume/cover letter 

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Technical School

Technical School


I am presently in negotiations with technical schools throughout the United States to offer Protective Coatings – Powder Coatings education and training for pretreatment – powder coating – quality assurance. This course will include powder coating theory, powder coating history, powder coating applications and quality assurance courses. 

Announce coming events

Technical education in the protective coatings - powder coatings industry.

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Norman Kloszewski Protective Coating Professional

2542 SW Kensington St, Saint Lucie West, Florida 34953, United States

Telephone: (281) 380-5801

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