Online Cover Letter Powder Coating Systems Manager

My Employment Objective

I am currently seeking employment in management with a company that offers growth potential, challenges and a stable business plan and company improvement and goal plans. I am seeking a long term career not just employment!.

Norman Kloszewski seeks employment as a finishing manager / Powder Coating Systems Manager

I prefer companies that view all employees and staff as a team and motivates their managers to be team leaders. A team is only as strong as it's weakest link so a strong team is very vital for production and financial growth.

My Employee Management

Not to be redundant; I believe in treating the employees I supervise as a number 1 team I am their coach and with out a strong, respected, dependable, dedicated and well trained team I as the coach will not succeed. 

Recruiting Employees: I advertise employment openings in a professional and attention catching manner.

Resume Evaluation: I evaluate potential employee (Team Members) resume in a very detailed manner paying close attention to past employment and length of time at past employers. I then do company searches of the past employers then contact them to verify employment of the applicant.

I schedule employment interviews with applicant. I try to schedule three interviews to ensure the applicants interest and to verify they are a fit for the opening position. I the do internet searches on the potential employee, preform back ground criminal checks.

Once the new team member is hired on i preform entry orientation, company rules & regulation,  complete detailed facility tour, safety training, PPE & safety equipment usage and management I then properly train new team members on the proper usage of production equipment, housekeeping and maintenance of equipment. I believe employees to be trained and educated on equipment instilling the fact that ALL employees are quality control the goal i set for is to produce high end product in an expedited manner with little to NO Rejects /Rework.

Good company safety programs and employee training of safety regulations, safety equipment usage is very vital. This saves companies financial set backs.

Customer & Client Communication

I believe that communication between all team member to management on to the companies customers & clients are of the greatest value!

Great communications skills are needed as productive manager honesty to the customer - client. 

With strong communication skills customer service skills , strong sales skills, knowledge of product & service is very well needed in requiring, closing and managing customer accounts.



Other Employment – Business startup – Entrepreneurial Skills

Age 8 - I have always had a business mind set with entrepreneurial goals! At age 8 my older elder brother was selling The Grit Publication, he was not doing well. You were had to be 13 years of age for the company to permit you to be a sales person for them but we kept the account in my elder brother’s name and I sold the publications door to door, at the supermarkets and on the street and I did very well.

AGE 11 – My elder brother. Elder sister and a friend of theirs had newspaper delivery routes for the Erie Times News in Erie Pennsylvania. At that time, you had to be 13 years or older to be a route delivery person I was 11 when they decided they wanted to give up the routes I talked to them and to my parents then the general manager about taking over their three routes the general manager was not sure I could handle all three routes at the age of 11 (Walking the routes especially Sunday papers) but he gave me the chance and I took on all three routes and did very well “My past customers still remember me” for 4 years. I would take the previous Sunday newspapers that where extra counts and sell them at the store front “on Tuesday” at the supermarkets people bought them for the coupons. 

Age 11 – I wanted to make extra money so I answered an ad in the comic book for a Plant & Vegetable seeds sales person this did not pay cash but offered gifts when a person sold a certain amount. I took this chance to add to my already established newspaper delivery route and my experience of door to door sales and began to sell these seeds and I could purchase many gifts with the points I accumulated.

Age 13 – I was working at a liquid coating and powder coatings company hanging parts, prepping parts, packaging parts and learning the liquid coatings, Powder coating, fluidized dip powder and plastisol dip applications on to product now I was also working at Boron Oil Company as an Island attendant and attending school.

Age 17 – Joined the United States Army signed up as a 11C/11B Infantryman served two years before signing up to become part of the 82nd airborne division. Now, I developed a business plan and strategy to start up a Cleaning & Janitorial service this began as a part time plan and later developed to a mid-lucrative business. I gained the account by cold calling on smaller business; taverns, real-estate office, attorneys’ offices, company restrooms to name a few. I had a very limited startup capital to avoid the issues of not having the finances to purchase the needs manage the accounts properly I used a net 10% of 30 days to use the initial 10% to purchase the needs for the account to be completes. The company became successful I later sold most of my established accounts to the Service Master corporation. I served 12 years in the United States Army and was discharged with an honorable discharge with accommodation. I was also employed “part time” from 1984 – 1990 by Pinkerton Security as a Security Officer and became a Sargent for the company and I was overseeing retail stores and working company strike zones. 

Age 29 – I was honorable discharged from the United States Army with accommodations. And began my career back in the metal finishing & protective coatings I worked for a few companies that are not listed on my resume but can provide proof of employment and history at these facilities. I don’t list them because it would make this resume even more lengthy than it presently is. I would help companies predominantly powder coating – liquid coating companies with the technical education and hands on training with the proper way of applications with the coatings. Now, I was also managing residential properties for Lyons Properties located in Fountain Valley, California. Advertising available properties, meeting with potential renters, Interviewing, credit and background checks of potential renters, rent and security deposit collections, managing pay or vacate statements, evictions, move out clean ups among other.

Age 34 – Now I was employed with a metal finishing company in California and working part time as a loss preventions officer “undercover store detective” for JC Penny’s company and I seen the influx and growth with the internet and the (, COM) era I began to educate myself with the internet, the functions and computers. I educated myself to a level of knowledge that I reviled my knowledge of the internet to the metal finishing company I was employed by. The wanted to join the internet advertising of their company and they sent me to school for website development. I was educated well and utilized my education to build the company a beautiful website and managed it. I then realized the demands and opportunities in the website design / development/ management industry I began advertising, cold calling and marketing myself as a website webmaster/ designer/ developer and took on many contract jobs to build websites for companies. I had issues both at work and as a contract project manager and web designer with the computers crashing, needing new hardware, software installation and networking. I was to a point that I thought to myself why am I paying other people to come in and do this repair work and upgrades etc. that I enrolled into school to first learn computer repair I gained A++ certifications I then furthered my education and experience into computer science and network systems installation and management. And I have done this for many years now. Please feel free to Google my personal name Norman Kloszewski also Google Kloszewski Computers & Alpha Web Creation. “My moto is why pay others what I can learn to do”!

Age 38 – I decided to start up and “complete automotive detail” business while living in Erie, Pennsylvania. I started cold calling on local automobile dealerships and initializing my sales conversation of the services I would be offering and within two days I had two accounts. I had no true competition because we preformed COMPLETE detail services including dry chemical interior cleaning, wet sanding, steam cleaning engines and under carriages and more. My sales closer was If you the customer is not happy with our work you do not pay! The clients received professional services and paid. I focused on Commercial account before advertising with the public. I billed commercial accounts less the private public accounts but I invested the revenue of these commercial accounts to advertise to the public, to purchase inventory needs, chemical, equipment, commercial garages I built up this company in a matter of months and stayed in business with 5 locations for 11 years. I then sold my accounts to other detail services I felt would keep up the quality that the customers demanded. I currently perform custom high-end vehicle detaining on a scheduled base.