Hsinda Powder Coating Representative & Distributor USA

Hsinda Powder Coating Rep. USA


I am the certified sales representative & distributor for Hsinda Powder Coating in the United States.

Hsinda is a professional powder coating manufacture located in Jinhu, Huai'an, Jiangsu, China

Offering effective powder coating solutions for a wide range of applications, including automotive, appliances, architectural and general industry market.


· Professional powder coating manufactures in China since 2001

· The leading exporter of powder coating in / out of China since 2001

· Offering effective coating solutions in powder coating powder coating applications

· Helping customers to improve productivity and reduce overall cost.

What we do

· Supply consistent and reliable quality powder coatings.

· Proactively understand customers’ needs to provide revel ant service.

· Technical support is readily available to assist customers with technical support services.

· Respond quickly to the requirements of our customers.

· Offering excellent cost-effective pricing without sacrifices in product or quality

· Providing a wide variety of powder coating colors for our customer’s needs.

Our mission

· Dedicated to proactively understanding our customer’s needs; to supply relevant products, service and support.

· Dedicated to maintaining optimum quality and focus on the zero-defects principle.

· Committed towards establishing long term relationships for collective development with customers.

· Devoted to developing environmentally friendly powder coating in compliance with our customer’s needs.

Hsinda Powder Coating Colors

Faux wood effect Powder Coating

  Special series : Chrome effect , Wooden effect , Glow in the dark Powder ,Candy Color Powder ,MDF powder etc.

RAL Colors

  General Series:RAL & Pantone with smooth high gloss ,matte ,wrinkle,sandy ,hammer ,metallic etc.

Custom Colors

We can manufacture most color match colors 

Hsinda Color Charts

I have provided a copy powder coating color chats of some of the colors that we can provide for your companies needs. The charts are downloadable in a docx format.

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