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Employment position considerations: 


Business Management 

Operations Manager 

Production Manager 

Chief Project Manager 


Consultant in Powder Coating - 

Protective Coatings 

Marketing Manager 

Sales Manager 

Resume of Norman Kloszewski

Operation Manager

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Operations Manager

Florida Trojan Powder Coating - Sarasota, FL
November 2017 to Present

Operations Manager overseeing 6 departments. Team member on the safety committee ensuring employee safety and initiating new safety systems. Recruiting of new employees, doing background checks on new employees, training of new employees. Opening and closing of building, working with quality assurance, ensure that product is completed in a timely manner with little to no rework.

Consultant / Project Manager


Project Manager

Tek Solution Group - Port Saint Lucie, FL
August 2017 to Present

I am currently employed by Tek Solution Group as a consultant and project manager. Obligations and Task include:  Business to Business consultation and development of coating systems predominantly powder coating systems. Contacting companies that produce matal fabricated product also contacting companies that currently apply protective Coatings to evaluate their facility and design a plan of action that will assist the company with protective coating systems so that they may offer this type of service to their customers. To sale turnkey coating systems, powder coating equipment, powder coating paints, pretreatment Equipment, pretreatment chemicals, quality assurance equipment and PPE equipment. I work closely with the technician and installers when equipment is installed. Then training of the proper usage and application of protective Coatings. Doing class room and hands on instructions and training of equipment, hands on training of proper usage of PARP & PPE equipment and proper usage of quality assurance equipment

Operations Manager




Senior Web Developer

Alpha Web Creation - Port Saint Lucie, FL

June 2001 to Present

Senior Website developer website designer owner of Alpha Web Creation. This is contract work. I develop and design professional websites for individuals, small companies, and large companies. I use Dreamweaver, front page, HTML, C++, JAVA, and templates just to name a few languages. I advertise, cold call and market email to find my clients I work with the clients to develop a online advertising plan that will be effective for their needs.and i upload the websites to a server and manage the client's sites if it is wanted and needed. I develop and implement effective keywords & meta tags that will be used on their website to drive the targeted traffic to their websites.

I implement and use SEO services that will get the websites more and higher ranking rates on the internet. I can provide a portfolio of past and present work if needed. I specialize in online resume websites. 

Other experience: 

I register domain names, Configure hosting using Linux and Microsoft servers, e panel, Plesk, ISPConfig among a few. 

Please feel free to Google" or other searches engines" my name to verify. 

I currently have over 203 domain names registered. 

See my Web Development company link below. "Alpha Web Development.

Operations Manager

Klotek Coatings - Port Saint Lucie, FL
February 2015 to Present

Opening and closing of the powder coating shop. Making sure all employees are present at work and on time. Scheduling employees hours so as to minimise overtime. Approving any and all overtime. Supervision of 22 Full time employees and 8 part time employees and labor workers hired on through employment services. Production Planning and scheduling of jobs to be finished and preparing shop traveler of jobs to be ran on the line and in the booths. Over seeing that jobs that are on shop traveler are done in a timely manner as promised to the customers. Oversee shop safety regulations. Making sure all OSHA rules and regulations are followed.  Purchasing of Powder Coating paints and other materials needed for scheduled work that is coming in. Management of all inventory and doing a weekly inventory. • Works in staging area to pull parts to be processed as instructed to do following production specifications on OPS card. • Adjusts KV (kilovolts) to optimize spray power application to insure proper coating. • Determines the next step in production by following OPS and places parts in designated area based on distribution needs; material handler, tagger, paint market, silk screen, etc. • Receives parts and sorts based on process (color, etc.), verifies count, etc., and enters actual data into computer system. • Removes parts from conveyor line and places parts racks or container manually. • Selects and mixes coating liquid to produce desired color, according to specifications, using paddle or mechanical mixer. • Sprays surfaces of manufactured products and machine surfaces with material such as paint or enamel using spray gun. • Transfers items to and from work area, using hand truck. • Utilizes SAP system shared plant-wide to accomplish and track production goals. • Inspects parts for millage (thickness), performs physicals at determined intervals. • Inspects product to verify that OPS/flow sheet custom specifications have been made according to customer order. • Maintains condition of hangers/hooks, by preparing for clearing and utilization. • Researches routing of pieces using computer system. • Secures components and operates lifts, etc., to navigate and move production pieces as needed. • Operates dry off/ bake oven by monitoring and adjusting temperature controls, set speed of conveyor, etc. based on graphic found on oven control panel. • Starts control panels for power booths by pushing buttons on control panels and check and set air pressures to accomplish quality production goals. • Implements lock out/tag out process to accomplish job duties such as oven cleaning. • Fills MEK containers for other areas by following all personal and environmental guidelines. • Place orders using material request order found on computer system to maintain items needed in daily production to insure constant flow with no down-time. • Records number and type of units rejected and reasons for rejection by completing non-conformance document and entering on computer system.  • Mixes paints, primers, and other coatings for use in painting according to formulas

             Production Manager


Production Manager

N-Fab Truck Hero - Houston, TX
April 2016 to August 2017

Production Manager of an automotive “after-market truck” parts manufacture. Production manager of building 2 managing the Grinding & Deburring department, Media blasting department, zinc rich powder coating application department, top coat powder coating department and the packing department. Main function is to maintain a positive material flow from raw goods to finished product. Scheduling of work to be processed through-out the hour, day and week. Supervision of all employees in these departments. Cost analysis and evaluation of all processes and materials used for these processes. Working closely with quality assurance to assure proper quality of material to be coated and the material “parts” that have been completed through all processes. Trouble shooting of issues that may arise in these departments and resolution to these issues.

       Finishing Department Manager


Finishing Department Manager

Nailor Industries Inc - Houston, TX
July 2016 to April 2017

Oversee 19 employees that are employed on powder coating paint line,  e coating line.  Over see everyday day operations of liquid paint system,  e coating system and powder coating line.  To make sure all jobs on job orders are prepared and ready to be finished on the proper coating lines and to extradite rush orders.  Management of said paint,  powder coatings and equipment.

       Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor
Arizona Finishing - Tempe, AZ
October 2011 to February 2015
Manage and lead powder coat line operations to meet daily demand and metric goals by:  Supervises powder coat line personnel and provides operational oversight of the system.  Supervision of 23 people.  Manages processing of parts to be powder coated on a daily basis to meet production schedules and quality standards.  Monitors the powder coat system's functions and makes adjustments as needed.  Collaborates with Production Engineering to develop and provide best practices training for powder coat line personnel.  Applies excellent judgment and has the ability to make decisions with the support of the powder coat line supervisor.  Motivates, empowers, and builds trust with team members.  Improve operational efficiency and quality by:  Ensuring quality standards are met and processing procedures are followed.  Designing, testing, and fabricating part hanging fixtures for optimizing line densities.  Tracking of part hanging fixture usage and facilitate process stripping and recovery of the fixtures.  Reason for leaving this position - Relocated residence to a new state.,

 Owner / Operator Business Owner



Detail by Norm - Port Saint Lucie, FL
February 2002 to October 2014

Owner operator & custom automotive detail service. Complete detailing of motor vehicles.  Sales of service to customers private owners and business to business, cold calling on new customers, customer service, account management,  recruiting of new employees training new employees. Overseeing daily operations of the details shop.

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