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Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating?

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My mission

My mission as a Protective Coatings – Powder Coating Consultant is to assist companies to determine if powder coating is efficient and cost-effective service for them. If converting – installing – adding the powder coating process to their company’s facility is efficient and cost effective.

To assist companies, expand in their production capabilities and to broaden their customer base.

To educate and train management and employees of companies on the proper customer quoting, productions work flow and professional quality assurance methods to increase production work flow while minimizing product rejects and rework.

To help companies develop a stable protective coating service business plan.


Services - Education - Training

The services we offer companies with are:


Operations & Facility Audits.

Production Management Analysis 

Operations Cost & Revenue Analysis

Necessary Needs Studies

Systems & Equipment Design and Implementation

Pretreatment Systems Specifications

Pretreatment Chemical & Process Specification 

Powder Coating Systems Specifications 

Pretreatment Process Training & Educational

Powder Coating Applications Training & Educational Instructions

Safety Committee Development Implementation 

Quality Assurance Procedures & Equipment Training and Education

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Norman M. Kloszewski

Cell Telephone: (281) 380-5801


Personal Website & Online Resume: www.kloszewski.net

Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/NormK

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/NormK

Norman Kloszewski

2542 SW Kensington St, Saint Lucie West, Florida 34953, United States


Training videos Coming Soon

Training Videos Coming Soon

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