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On-site Technical Training & Instructions


On-site technical powder coating history – knowledge – applications training.

An experienced powder coating technicians can encounter situations & problems at times.

We help provide the powder coating technical knowledge, training with class room and hands on experience that companies, individuals, employees and managers need to become a professional and successful powder coating applicator.

With powder coating technical education & training classes instructed by Norman Kloszewski & Tek Solutions Group you are instructed with in-depth history, theory, knowledge and training about metal substrates, problems & solutions with product and production. You will be instructed on the importance and the processes of preparations, pretreatment, grounding, racking/hanging, applying of powder coatings “with extended instructions on the use and application of powder primers & gelling” and the proper curing methods. We train on the usage of pretreatment methods this includes titration of chemicals, Training instruction on the usage of the powder coating equipment, Instructions on the methods and procedures of inspecting (quality assurance) will include the proper usage of inspection “quality assurance tools and equipment(s). Training on proper usage of safety PAPR – PPE equipment. An in depth Questions & Answers meeting will be held after each training session.


Experienced educated and knowledgeable technical instructors will guide and provide the individuals with the technology and practical aspects of powder coating application providing individuals with a complete understanding of the powder coating process. 

The individuals will then be requested to demonstrate the education and knowledge they have received and obtained.

Going through the entire process of powder coating, starting at preparations, pretreatment, racking/hanging powder coating application, curing and quality inspections to provide a company’s customer with a beautiful product with no flaws.

With the technical instructions provided by Norman Kloszewski & Tek Solutions Group your company or individuals will be provided with the view & knowledge of how much they can achieve in the company product and production!  

The technical instructions are a five (5) day training session(s) with six (6) hours per session (days) totaling thirty (30) hours of technical training and instruction our clients will remain our clients from that point on meaning if there are issues with the company or individuals powder application they can call us any time of the day 24/7 365.

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Norman Kloszewski Protective Coating Professional

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Telephone: (281) 380-5801

Norman Kloszewski - Protective Coatings Professional

2542 SW Kensington St, Saint Lucie West, Florida 34953, United States